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Improving outcomes for children and adolescents with diabetes

60 months
Approved budget:
Associate Professor Craig Jefferies
Professor Alistair Gunn
Professor Wayne Cutfield
Assistant Professor Martin de Bock
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Clinical Practitioner Research Fellowship
Lay summary
Diabetes is a common chronic disease of childhood in NZ: each year there are >200 new cases of whom 25% present in diabetic ketoacidosis with increased morbidity. There are an estimated 1200 children at any time with diabetes managed in NZ with standard insulin treatment. Unfortunately, the majority do not meet international standards of control. This poor control markedly increases acute (e.g.: severe hypoglycaemia) and chronic complications (e.g.: eye and kidney disease). The aim of this study is to undertake two strategies to improve the outcome of children with diabetes. First, to evaluate how new technology can improve diabetes care (flash glucose monitors and automated insulin delivery). Second, to promote collaborations, establish paediatric diabetes research networks, and enable a number of registry-based evaluations of important aspects of paediatric diabetes care. These projects will have a profound impact on management and care for children with diabetes in NZ.