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Naturally biased? Exploring neuropeptide signal pathway bias in pain

58 months
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Dr Christopher Walker
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Sir Charles Hercus Fellowship
Lay summary
For many New Zealanders of all ages and ethnicities, pain is an intolerable daily burden. Pain is a major factor in diseases including arthritis, migraine and chronic lower back or hip pain. The resulting burden to both individuals and society is tremendous. Pain is a major cause of absence or early exit from the workforce. Currently only limited treatment options are available to people who suffer from chronic pain and these treatments simply lack the required effectiveness or have significant side-effects, including addiction and tolerance, which prohibit long term use. Many patients cannot find an effective treatment and report inadequate pain management. New classes of drugs, which have new mechanisms of action, are required to address this silent epidemic. This research project will explore a new target for pain treatment in the nervous system. Uncovering how this new target works will fast-track the development of targeted pain-relieving therapies.