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Optimising lung cancer screening for Māori: comparing invitation processes

36 months
Approved budget:
Professor Dr Sue Crengle
Dr Karen Bartholomew
Professor Mark McKeage
Dr Kate Parker
Dr Peter Sandiford
Dr Christopher Lewis
Dr David Milne
Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen
Emeritus Professor Martin Tammemagi
Dr Nicole Rankin
Professor Kwun Fong
Dr Henry Marshall
Health issue:
Cancer (oncology)
Proposal type:
GACD Cancer Project
Lay summary
In New Zealand, lung cancer is the leading cause of death and a major source of health inequity for Māori. International studies of low-dose CT screening in high-risk asymptomatic people have demonstrated a 20-26% reduction in mortality and have stimulated lung cancer screening initiatives worldwide. A key issue in NZ is developing strategies that work for Māori. There is ongoing debate as to whether Māori are better served by screening programmes delivered through primary care or by centralised programmes. The primary aim of our study is to compare a primary care practice based invitation and risk assessment process compared with a DHB based centralised process. This project is part of a larger program of work that aims to reduce lung cancer mortality, improve chances of cure, and reduce health care costs in New Zealand.