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Optimising preschool obesity intervention: the Whānau Pakari preschool project

12 months
Approved budget:
Ms Tami Cave
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Māori Health Masters Scholarship
Lay summary
Whānau Pakari (WP) aims to improve mainstream service provision for Māori. It has become the assessment/intervention service model in Taranaki for children/adolescents with obesity. In 2016, a preschool model was conceptualised after it was determined that age-appropriate interventions may improve participation. Since July 2016, 57/98 (58%) of those identified as obese/referred through the B4School check agreed to a home-based assessment and advice. Of these, 13/57 (23% of those accepting input) accepted both the assessment AND a whānau-centred intervention. National referral uptake to interventions from the B4School check for weight have been variable, and it is unclear what the needs of family are for preschool children. This project will evaluate the WP preschool programme, by undertaking an audit of BMI SDS outcomes of children referred, and investigating caregiver perceptions/beliefs around their child’s weight, and their experiences of the programme, to understand whether assessment uptake can be improved, and the intervention refined.