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Oral health of elderly Pacific people among New Zealand nursing home residents.

4 months
Approved budget:
Miss Ruby Tukia
Associate Professor Susan Moffat
Professor Rosalina Richards
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Summer Studentship
Lay summary
In New Zealand, recent studies have shown poorer oral health outcomes for elderly Pacific Island people aged 65 and over, compared to the wider population. Oral health issues may include higher levels of untreated decay and missing teeth, more dental treatments and poorer self-reported overall oral health. Poorer oral health outcomes may also influence co-morbidities including cardiovascular disease and obesity. While majority of older Pacific people in New Zealand live in their own homes, they are also entering into aged residential care in greater numbers than ever before. It may continue to burden the health budget if the New Zealand health system is not prepared to meet their oral health needs. Thus, this project aims to collate the existing research about the oral health status of elderly Pacific people, aged 65 years and over in New Zealand nursing home residents.