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Precision cancer treatment using predictive software and imaging biomarkers

48 months
Approved budget:
Dr Hayley Reynolds
Health issue:
Cancer (oncology)
Proposal type:
Sir Charles Hercus Fellowship
Lay summary
Precision medicine is a rapidly growing field in oncology which aims to provide the best treatment by tailoring it to an individual patient’s cancer. The aim of this research programme is to develop advanced bioengineering tools to enable the precision treatment of melanoma, breast cancer and prostate cancer. This will include the re-establishment of previous work developing predictive software for melanoma and breast cancer to guide treatment planning and treatment follow-up. In addition, novel imaging biomarkers for prostate cancer will be developed and validated to improve upon the current standard of care, allowing early interventions to be given if recurrent disease is detected. Overall this will enable the establishment of a new and independent cancer imaging research group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.