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A precision medicine approach to improving heart disease outcomes

48 months
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Dr Anna Pilbrow
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Lay summary
Mortality rates for coronary heart disease have fallen over the last 50 years. Patients now live longer following acute coronary events with many surviving to incur later adverse sequelae, especially heart failure. However, disease progression varies considerably between patients and is difficult to predict. We aim to discover what information an individual’s DNA may contribute to predicting disease progression. We will establish a genetic risk score to improve on current methods of predicting progression from heart attacks to ischaemic heart failure by integrating 1) new data on how DNA variants regulate gene activity in the heart, and 2) health information from NZ/international cohorts. Our preliminary data indicate this approach will provide new knowledge on the mechanisms underlying heart disease. Our research has the potential to improve risk stratification and outcomes for heart patients. This project utilises existing clinical cohorts and >200 heart samples for which DNA has already been collected.