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Spatial variability in breast cancer incidence, care and outcomes

48 months
Approved budget:
Dr Sandar Tin Tin
Health issue:
Cancer (oncology)
Proposal type:
Breast Cancer Register Project
Lay summary
Disparities exist in breast cancer incidence, care and outcomes in New Zealand, imposing a disproportionate burden on Māori and Pacific women and those living in deprived or remote areas. Personalising these disparities by locating them geographically may help determine where to invest scarce resources for the greatest improvement in cancer prevention and care. This research aims to facilitate this by creating interactive story maps, based on detailed data recorded in the national breast cancer register and Statistics New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure, for cancer incidence, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes at different geographical levels. The maps will be freely accessible by the public. This will help identify areas with unmet needs, will enable local communities and policymakers to address identified needs, and importantly will help inform efforts to improve cancer prevention and care more equitably in New Zealand.