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Suitability of a low carb high fat diet amongst Pasifika peoples

4 months
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Miss Theresa Fitzpatrick
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Summer Studentship
Lay summary
Low carbohydrate diets are currently receiving huge publicity and coverage in both social media and in the academic literature. Thus the wider community are currently bombarded with claims that low carbohydrate (often promoted as high fat) diets are the healthiest option for both the general population and those with diabetes or at high risk of developing diabetes such as Maori and Pasifika people. However little is known about the acceptability of these diets amongst Maori and Pasifika people, who traditionally consume diets high in carbohydrates. There is also a risk that such advice could be misinterpreted as giving a green light to eating unlimited quantities of high fat foods that are not compatible with good health. Thus we aim to investigate how low carbohydrate diets are perceived by members of the local Pasifika communities and the barriers and facilitators to following this type of diet.