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Tangata Whenua Tangata Ora: Investigating health gain through whenua initiatives

66 months
Approved budget:
Professor Helen Moewaka Barnes
Ms Jasmine Sampson
Health issue:
Wellbeing (autonomy self-determination)
Proposal type:
Māori Health Programme
Lay summary
This programme will investigate whenua initiatives that aim to produce health gains. As a dynamic and unified concept of health, Tangata Whenua Tangata Ora, places relationships between tangata and te tai ao as central to our understandings of supporting hauora. Our transdisciplinary team, with a strong track-record in research with Māori communities, will explore health models and initiatives informed by Kaupapa Māori understandings of interrelated health determinants. Kaupapa Māori methodology will guide four co-created research projects, with Māori driving local initiatives aimed at developing deeper understandings of reconnecting people to whenua and place as a conceptual and practical way of producing Māori health gains. We will draw upon Graham Smith’s model of Kaupapa Māori transformative praxis, and the interconnectedness of theory, practice and reflection, to support transformative actions and pathways to improved health outcomes. The programme team will build capacity, capability and leadership to promote a positive Māori research culture.