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A technology-based intervention for early detection of post-natal depression

12 months
Approved budget:
Dr Liesje Donkin
Ms Penelope Hayward
Proposal type:
Research Activation Grant 2
Lay summary
This project proposes to scope out technology-based interventions for early screening of peri- and post-depression/distress in parents. This will include a review of literature exploring the use of technology in screening for peri- and post-natal distress, which will be synthesised into a systematic review and published. In conjunction to this, the researchers will seek to build relationships with key stakeholders, including maternal health services, kaupapa Māori health and maternity care providers, and Pasifika health providers to gain their perspectives on whether a technology-based intervention is appropriate, and how best to develop these interventions in partnership with these communities. Part of this process will also include further building the research team for the intervention development. The findings from the stakeholder meetings will be published and shared with the communities that shared their knowledge. The combination of these activities will inform an application for funding for the development of the intervention.