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Towards medical education that addresses Indigneous rights to health

36 months
Approved budget:
Dr Anna Fay
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Māori Health PhD Scholarship
Lay summary
Indigenous peoples suffer ill-health disproportionately worldwide. Indigenous rights provide a context in which to understand the legitimacy of indigenous peoples' struggle for social justice. This research will explore the role of medical schools in the realisation of indigenous rights. Using kaupapa Maori methodology and qualitative methods, this research will develop specific recommendations to help fulfil medical school commitment to indigenous people's rights. A broad range of key informants in Aotearoa and Australia will be interviewed to explore perspectives on the role of medical schools in addressing indigenous peoples' rights, how commitment to addressing indigenous rights can be demonstrated, and the relationship between indigenous rights and social accountability. These perspectives will then be synthesised into recommendations and a case study will be carried out to refine these recommendations. The research aims to lay the groundwork for the practical steps that can effectively address indigenous rights to equitable healthcare through medical education.