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Translational advances in GI surgical recovery and motility disorders

60 months
Approved budget:
Professor Gregory O'Grady
Dr Armen Gharibans
Associate Professor Peng Du
Dr Timothy Angeli-Gordon
Professor Ian Bissett
Dr Mikaela Law
Dr Celia Keane
Professor Jonathan Erickson
Mr Wharengaro Ruha
Health issue:
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Lay summary
Disorders of gut function impart a massive global burden of ill health, decreased quality of life, lost productivity, and add billions of dollars in healthcare expenditure. In Aotearoa New Zealand, problems such as chronic nausea, indigestion, and faecal incontinence are highly prevalent, impacting >10% of adults, with Māori particularly affected. However, clinical methods for diagnosis and therapy have lagged behind other diseases. In this Programme we continue a highly productive and successful body of research developing and applying new 'high-resolution' technologies to treat gastrointestinal disorders. We translate a range of new tools, developed in our own lab, to impact care pathways in both gastric and colonic disorders. We also continue our world-leading research on improving surgical recovery and safety, including reducing or mitigating short and long-term complications. Given the massive global burden of our target gut disorders, the research arising from this translational Programme has potential to achieve vast impact.