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Using principles of the ‘slow movement’ to prevent obesity from birth

32 months
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Dr Samantha Marsh
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Explorer Grant
Lay summary
An increased pace of life has been identified as an important driver of childhood obesity, yet has not been pursued as a target for intervention. We propose an initiative built on principles of the ‘slow movement’ (that encourages a slower pace of life) to prevent obesity in infants and toddlers. This challenges conventional practice as it targets social change and questions the belief that ‘speed’ and technology positively impact on health. Focus groups and key informant interviews will inform development of a ‘slow parenting’ co-design intervention, which will target obesity in infants and toddlers. The initiative will encourage New Zealand parents to (1) nurture children’s innate desire to be active (through play), (2) allocate time to meals, and meal preparation to support healthy dietary behaviours, and (3) build resilience in the child. In keeping with the ‘slow movement’, the initiative will be based on principles of sustainability, respectfulness, and equity.