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Wearing your continuous glucose monitor on your sleeve.

22 months
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Dr Shekhar Sehgal
Health issue:
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Health Delivery Research Development Award
Lay summary
Continuous Glucose Monitoring(CGM) has revolutionised diabetes care and improves both clinical and patient-centred psychosocial outcomes .There are multiple financial, technological and practitioner related barriers to its widespread use. Flash glucose monitoring (FGM) is an alternative to CGM which provides many of the functional benefits of CGM at a lower cost. The Miao Miao add-on can convert a standard FGM to CGM, known as do-it-yourself continuous glucose monitoring (DIY- CGM). Our study is a randomised cross-over study of 55 adults with Type 1 diabetes randomised initially to DIY-CGM or FGM. We hypothesise adults using DIY CGM will experience a reduction in the fear of hypoglycemia, reduced diabetes-related distress, and increased device satisfaction compared to CGM as well as improved clinical outcomes. A successful study will make CGM technology available to more diabetes patients, leading to improved diabetes care and quality of life.