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HRC Resource Library

Our research and funding documents contain support and reference information for applicants applying for funding, as well as background information for referees and committee members.

  • Briefing to Incoming Ministers

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions

    A briefing from the Health Research Council for the incoming Minister of Health and Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology, produced in November 2023 following the general election.

  • Digital signature options for contracts and variations

    Funding information

    This guidance is for research provider organisations (hosts) entering into, or varying, research contracts with the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

  • Science Assessing Committee Membership

    Advisory and Assessing Committees

    The Health Research Council is very grateful to those who give their time and expertise as members of one of our assessing committees.

  • Openness on animal research

    Ethics reference documents

    The Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) supports and funds the use of animals in research when properly regulated, ethically approved, and when no alternatives are available.

  • HRC Research Investment Plan

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions
    The Research Investment Plan sets out the HRC’s investment framework, which provides important signals about areas of focus and significance for the next three years.
  • Clinical Trial Transparency - Policy Statement

    Ethics reference documents

    This document sets out the HRC's policy statement on transparency to support best practice in clinical trials.

  • Social media transparency statement

    Impact and Performance publications

    This transparency statement outlines the Health Research Council of New Zealand’s (HRC) approach to using and managing social media.

  • HRC Sustainability Framework

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions
    The HRC Sustainability Framework outlines our sustainability vision and presents the commitments we are making to our people, our place, and our policies and procedures in order to champion better sustainable solutions.
  • Interim Research Investment Plan 2019-2020

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions

    This document outlines the Health Research Council's investment signals for the coming year and provides a ‘one-stop’ reference guide to the funding opportunities on offer and the relative distribution of our investment.

  • Health Delivery Research Investment Round: Questions and Answers

    Funding information
    These documents provide answers to some of the most common questions about the Health Research Council's new Health Delivery Research Investment Round.
  • Chief executive expenses

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions
    The Health Research Council of New Zealand discloses the chief executive’s expenses, gifts, and hospitality as part of its commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • The New Zealand Health Research Prioritisation Framework

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions
    This Prioritisation Framework was developed as part of the implementation of the New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017–2027. It prioritises how and why health research needs to be done in New Zealand in order to drive high-level health and social outcomes and ensure maximum impact from the government’s investment in health.